Why Kanha Ji love Peacock feathers, Flute & Makhan Mishri?
Why Kanha Ji love Peacock feathers, Flute & Makhan Mishri?

There is some exceptional purpose behind every Leela of Shri Krishna, which everyone should try to understand. On the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, know here about Krishna’s favorite things and the reasons behind them.

August 19 (This year in 2022) is the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami. It is assumed that on this day Shri Krishna, the eighth embodiment of Lord Vishnu, was born on earth. Every year Janmashtami is celebrated with enthusiasm as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. A lot has been said in the scriptures about the magnificence of Shri Krishna. From “Natkhat Kanha” to becoming Dwarkadhish, many of his entertainments have been designated. But in reality, none of Shri Krishna’s diversions were normal, there was some determination hidden behind each of his activities.

The form of Shri Krishna has also been designated as very eye-catching in the scriptures. It is believed that Krishna used to wear murli in his hands and peacock feathers on his head. Cows were very dear to him and he used to graze cows with all the cowherds in Braj (a small part of the village also Brijbhoomi is said to be the sacred land of Lord Krishna). Shri Krishna is also called Makhanchor because he was very fond of Makhan Mishri and in his childhood he used to eat after pilfering the butter after breaking the pot. Let us know about the beloved things of Shri Krishna and the hidden purpose of his amusements. Lord Krishna’s intact life gives direction to human society. Every sign or symbol attached to him has exceptional significance. Everything that he did had some determination behind it and hence he is associated with every aspect of human life. And that’s the intention why every house that follows ‘Sanatan Culture’ worships Lord Krishna. 


It is said that the flute was very cherished by Lord Krishna and he used to play the flute so amiably after being enthralled in love that people used to drop their senses after hearing the melody of the flute. But in reality, the persistence in playing the flute of Shri Krishna was something else. Actually, a flute is a symbol of pleasure and joy, it means that whatever the conditions, you should always be glad and share joy among others by keeping your mind pleased. Just as Krishna Ji himself used to be cheerful by playing the flute and used to give cheerfulness to others.

Apart from this, the flute has three potentials, which everyone needs to acquire. The first flute does not have protuberances. This means that of course oppose the wrong, but do not keep a protuberance in your mind about anybody, that is, do not have a feeling of vengeance. When you play the second flute, it will play only, which means that when you are asked for recommendations, give them only, and do not waste your dynamism by speaking giddily. Whenever the third one rings, it is euphonious. It modestly means that whenever you speak, the speech should be so honeyed, that it fascinates people’s minds.

Peacock feather

Many kinds of colors are encompassed in peacock feathers. These colors epitomize the circumstances of life. The dark color of the peacock feather signifies sorrow and complications, the lighter color is a sign of happiness, armistice, and prosperity. It means that one has to go through both joy and sorrow in life. But it should endure the same in both situations. Apart from this, the peacock is the only animal that perceives the vow of celibacy throughout life. Along with affection, he is glad in himself. In such a situation, the peacock feather imitates the prodigious feeling of celibacy in pure love.

Makhan Mishri

In Kanha Ji’s childhood, he was so naughty & clever that he used to steal butter and eat it. In fact, it was his protest against prejudice. In fact, at that time, Kansa used to accumulate a lot of milk, butter, ghee, etc. from the people in the form of tax to anguish the people. To protest against this prejudice, Shri Krishna, along with his cowherds, used to break the pot of butter and eat it together with all his fellow friends because they deliberated the people of Braj be permitted to work for the people. Apart from this, sugar candy (Mishri) has the superiority that when it is mixed with butter, its sugariness reaches every atom of butter. We should also make our behavior like sugar candy (mishri) that whenever we meet someone, we should integrate our abilities in the same vein.