Why DHANTERAS is celebrated?
On the very first day of the five-day Diwali festival, Dhanteras is observed. The suffix "Teras" in Hindi is equivalent to the Sanskrit word "Trayodashi," which designates the thirteenth day of the waning moon's phase. The many rituals associated with Dhanteras are intended to be prayers for the husband's good health and long life as well as for the prosperity of the family. Laxmi puja is performed in many homes on Dhanteras. The joyful and festive environment for Diwali celebrations is created by Dhanteras. This amazing legend about Dhanteras is presented here.
The mythological background to Dhanteras 
Hima, a monarch, ruled his realm with justice and love as his two fundamental pillars of authority. He had a son, and astrology predicted that in the sixteenth year of his life, the snake would bite him and kill him. While in severe pain, King Hima looked for ways to keep his child alive. He had his son marry a woman with a good horoscope on the recommendation of a well-known astrologer. The two enjoyed their time together for a while. As the youngster approached his sixteenth year, the king began to fear his imminent death.
The young woman embarks on a journey. 
The youngster will be bitten by a snake as he enters his sixteenth year on earth, according to astrological prophecies. The girl devised a cunning plot to spare her husband's life the night before the boy turned sixteen. She gathered up all of her jewelry and arranged it in front of the entrance. She encouraged her spouse to stay up and did not fall asleep herself. She sat by the front door, watching over the front door.
Lord Yama arrives story
Lord Yama, the god of death, appeared in front of the home as a serpent at the precise moment when the boy was to be killed. The snake slithered up to the home's front door. The collection of ornaments stopped the snake as it approached the entryway. The ornaments were so bright that the snake was unable to see its surroundings well. All night long, the girl sang uplifting songs. The songs were so seductive that the snake lingered at the doorway listening to them. Lord Yama in the shape of a snake was forced to abandon his plan to kill the youngster because the window for doing so had passed. Thus, the girl's clever concept made a difference in her husband's life.
Dhanteras's birth narrative 
The celebration of Dhanteras, which takes place annually on the same day of Krishna Paksha Trayodashi in the month of Kartika just before the festival of Diwali, is based on this mythology. The widely held belief among Hindus that Dhanteras is the most effective way to bring wealth into the home and wish for the spouse's long life has contributed to the preservation of this sacred practice.
Purchasing gold on Dhanteras 
On the day of Dhanteras, gold sales in India reach one of their yearly peaks. The word Dhanteras is translated as Dhan (wealth) teras (thirteenth day). On this day, people purchase gold bars, gold jewelry, gold coins, silver coins, or silverware.